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Research has shown that it takes approximately 2.5 seconds for someone to come up with a Perception of a Person based on his or her appearance! Learn the secrets to projecting a powerful and effective professional image. This Personal image workshop will enable you to turn your vision into action and assist you in achieving your professional goal.Benefits:
Take the opportunity to learn more about selecting the best colors for your everyday use, understand yourself better, enhance your image and most important be happy and feel satisfied every day with simple tips!

Personal Image Consultation Investment

Image Consultation

For Ladies

Consultation                                                     Price                    Time               Includes

Colour  Analysis                                            RM    800.00         60 minute         Colour theory, the dominants, pick the right colours, Swatches


Style Consultation                                        RM 3,800.00           6 Hour             Style personality, face shape, Body shape, scale&height, color blocking, proportions, clothing line, shoe, boots, handbag, bathing suits, accessories, Swatches and makeup hand book


Makeup & Hairstyling                                 RM 1,800.00            9 Hour             Skin care program, face shapes, Day makeup, night makeup, hairdo, Swatches and makeup hand book


Wardrobe Weeding                                      RM 1,800.00            2 Hour             Organize, auditing your current wardrobe, analyzing and work out what  items you need to buy (Remember Buy less, wear more)


Personal Shopping                                        RM 2,000.00            4 Hour             Swatches and makeup hand book

Kick Start Your Passion in The World of Personal Style

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