高清无痛绣眉能让眉毛立体化, 看起来真假眉毛难分辨,非常自然 , 能够为您节省时间画你的眉毛,高清无痛绣眉只注射到皮肤的上层,这样的颜色不会改变。效果也不是永久性的,但它可耐久长达2/3年,或更 长。你能够享受运动生活而无后顾之忧.

HD painless eyebrow embroidery  make your eyebrow three-dimensional, and it seem difficult to distinguish between real hair and embroidery, now you can save you time to draw your eyebrow. For HD painless eyebrow embroidery  the color is only injected onto the top layer of the skin, so the color will not change. The effect isn’t permanent but it can last up to 2 to 3 years and possibly longer with frequent touch ups. To save time on drawing your eyebrows, and able to enjoy your sports lifestyle without worry

Director Price : RM 1,600.00 Promotion Free Eyeliner Embroidery worth RM 1,200.00

Senior Artist   : RM 594.00 instead of RM 990.00

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