hair styling course malaysia

Course Outline: Duration: 50 Hours
    1. Hair Analysis (hair section, texture)
    2. Blow Dry
    3. Technique on using straight iron
    4. Twisting + technique on apply pin
    5. Plait + (high and low bun)
    6. French plait Bun
    7. Technique on Back comb + French roll
    8. Flower Petals
    9. Technique on using Curling thong
    10. Curly wild look
    11. Curly modern hairstyle
    12. Curly hair bun
    13. Curly class low bun
    14. Dinner Hairstyle
    15. Simple loose plait
    16. Hair Buns
    17. Male Hair Styling

Hair Styling Course Investment

Course Duration: 50 Hours

Course Fee: RM3,500


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