HD Eyebrow Embroidery Course

HD Eyebrow Embroidery Course

Eyebrows are very important, the eyes may be the window to the soul, but the eyebrows are their frame. As a matter of fact, groomed brows can transform how we look by opening our eyes and lifting up our face.

HD Eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow feathering instead. Unlike a tattoo, the color is only injected onto the top layer of the skin, so the colors won’t change. The effect isn’t permanent but it can last up to three years and possibly longer with frequent touch ups.


HD Eyebrow Embroidery Course Investment

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Registration: RM550

Investment: RM2,900


Kick Start Your Passion in The World of Eyebrow Embroidery

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  1. Leni B. Knight

    Enrolling soon :)

  2. any course in Kota Kinabalu

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